Human Resources

Welcome to the Township of Franklin School District! All new employees are required to complete and return the following items and forms to the Business Administrator’s office. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Donna Berkauzer at (856) 629-9500 ext. 1202.

All new employees need to first have their fingerprints recorded or archived. If you have had your fingerprints scanned after 2/21/2003, then you only need to archive your fingerprints. Archive your Fingerprints by clicking here. Any fingerprints taken prior to 2/21/2003 need to be completed through MorphoTrust’s system.

New applicants requiring the state and federal criminal history record check will be charged a fee of $62.70, payable to MorphoTrust at the time of scheduling.  The Applicant Authorization and Certification form submitted to the Department of Education, and a separate $11.00 administrative fee payable to NICUSA, the private vendor responsible for the electronic transmission of payments, must both be submitted electronically prior to scheduling an appointment to be fingerprinted by MorphoTrust.  (Of the $11.00 administrative fee, $10.00 goes to the Department of Education and $1.00 goes to NICUSA.)  The website address is:  

See the link to the left titled “Fingerprinting for Public School Employment” for complete instructions regarding fingerprinting and the subsequent approval process through the State’s Criminal History Review Unit.

After you have scheduled your fingerprint appointment and submitted your request to the Criminal History Review Office for an approval letter, please print and complete the following forms. Once all forms have been completed, please call to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Donna Berkauzer at (856) 629-9500 ext. 1202.

Attach your Criminal History Review Approval Letter (received once you have completed the fingerprinting process).

Two forms of identification will be required when you return the above listed forms.